ENG 700: Introduction to Graduate Literary Studies


August 29: Introduction

Choose research topics.

Toni Morrison obituary

The 1619 Project

HW: Letter to the Professor

September 5: no class

CUNY takes a Monday schedule.

HW: Read Poetry Packet & “Song of Myself”

September 12: CLose reading—Poetry & Scansion

Poetry Packet (here)

Leaves of Grass

For Better or for Verse: https://prosody.lib.virginia.edu

SEptember 13 (Friday): Morgan Library trip

Free Fridays at The Morgan Library: Walt Whitman Exhibit

See also The Walt Whitman Initiative online

The Morgan Library: 225 Madison Avenue between 36th and 37th Streets

(4 train to 42nd Street or 6 train to 33rd Street)

september 19: close reading

Study poetic devices and scansion terms from last week.

Please bring back all the poems from last week’s packet and get through all of Leaves of Grass so we can finish up our poetry unit.

Field Report due. (This counts as a weekly response)

Read Frankenstein, Volume 1. Select a passage you’d like to focus on. We will close read this together in class.

September 26: Critical sources

Read Frankenstein, Volume 2. Be sure you bring the Longman Culture Edition (edited by Susan Wolfson) to class.

Frankenstein Historical Contexts activity

Database research, abstracts, book reviews, annotated bibliographies, critical editions, companions, collections, anthologies, scholarly articles

October 3: leonard lief library

Read Frankenstein, Volume 3

Locating scholarly sources for research. Class meets at Leonard Lief Library.

October 10: how to read a scholarly article

Search, download, print, and annotate: Buurma and Heffernan

october 17: how to read a scholarly book

Read In the Wake, Chapters 1-2


October 24: Applying theory & Conferences

Read In the Wake, Chapters 3-4 & Down Girl

October 31: no class

Research & Writing workshop; Annotated Bibliographies due

November 7: Directed Readings 1

Hortense Spillers (Dante) & Sadiya Hartman (Nyoka)

november 14: directed readings 2

Fred Moten (Ian) & José Esteban Muñoz (Alyssa)

november 21: Directed readings 3

Lisa Lowe (Nicole) & Kandice Chuh (Elvin)

november 28: no class—thanksgiving

Complete Research Project rough drafts

december 5: directed readings 4

Sylvia Wynter (Edna), Audra Simpson (Isabel), & Jodi Byrd (Anthony)

December 12: conclusions

Student Conferences

Final Paper via email due December 15.