"Buy with a golden curl" - Goblin Market

August 31: Introduction

Hemingway, "Hills Like White Elephants"

Literary Devices

Canon, Genre, Period

HW: (1) Make a glossary to study for the literary devices quiz; (2) Letter to the Professor & revision; (3) Buy and read Goblin Market

September 7 : Building close readings

Read Christina Rossetti, Goblin Market

Read Wimsatt and Beardsley, "The Intentional Fallacy" (here)

Cleanth Brooks, "The Heresy of Paraphrase" (here)

HW: Close reading of 3 passages; (2) Read, print, and annotate poetry packet (3) Read and print Stanley Fish article linked below

September 14: Poetry & Scansion

Poetry packet (here): Christopher Marlowe, Sir Walter Raleigh, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Harryette Mullen, and Langston Hughes

Stanley Fish, "How to Recognize a Poem When You See One" (here)

Close Reading of 3 passages due. Observe proper formatting!

HW: (1) Study for scansion quiz; practice using For Better or for Verse 
(2) Choose one poem from the poetry packet and brainstorm a close reading analysis of the entire poem.
(3) Borrow or buy any major anthology of English Literature and bring it with you to class.

September 21: Historicizing & adding contexts

Scansion Quiz: Practice using For Better or for Verse

Timelines Activity in groups. (Finish for homework).

Dictionary of National Biography

HW: 1) Complete Timelines Activity to hand in next week. 2) Research and jot down some biographical info on Ernest Hemingway, Christina Rossetti, Herman Melville, Mary Shelley or any of our poets using the DNB or an anthology. How does this change your reading of a text? 3) Read and annotate your copy of “Bartleby the Scrivener.” Bring it with you to class.

September 28: Crafting the English Essay

Herman Melville, “Bartleby the Scrivener.”

Lesson on Incorporating Quotes

Timelines Activity due.

Critical Essay assigned.

HW: 1) Read Barry, Psychoanalysis (Chapter 5) and Marxist criticism (Chapter 8). Brainstorm a psychoanalytic analysis of any text we've read; then brainstorm a Marxist analysis of any passage we've read. Jot down your notes.

2) Read Frankenstein, pp. 1-77.

3) Starting drafting Critical Essay. Rough drafts due in hard copy 10/19.

October 5: Introducing Theory. Psychoanalytic & Marxist readings.

Read Roland Barthes, "The Death of the Author" (here)

Barry, Psychoanalysis (Chapter 5) and Marxist criticism (Chapter 8).

Zizek videos 1 and 2.

Brainstorm a psychoanalytic analysis of any text we've read; then brainstorm a Marxist analysis of any passage we've read. Jot down your notes.

HW: 1) Write up keyword paragraphs for Psychoanalytical and Marxist Criticism.

2) Read Frankenstein, pp. 78-135.

3) Read Barry, Feminist criticism (Chapter 6) and Postcolonial criticism (Chapter 10)

4) Read and print out Orwell and Mullen (linked below)

5) Rough draft of essays due.

October 12: Theory: Feminist & Postcolonial Readings.

Rough Drafts due.

George Orwell, "Shooting an Elephant" (here)

Harryette Mullen, "European Folktale Variant" (here)

Barry, Feminist criticism (Chapter 6) and Postcolonial criticism (Chapter 10)

Browse the Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color versions of Lord of the Rings and Maleficent.

HW: 1) Write up keyword paragraphs for Feminist and Postcolonial Criticism.

2) Read Frankenstein, pp. 136-187.

October 19: Library Session

Class meets in the lobby of Leonard Lief Library!

Be sure to have your Lehman I.D. on you or you will not have access to the library.

Rough drafts returned with comments.

Essay Grading Rubric (here)

Homework: 1) Write Post-Library Synopsis (here)

2) Finish reading Frankenstein.

3) Essay 1 is due in my mailbox by Wednesday, October 31. Lecture notes from last week's class on Writing Papers is (here)

Frankenreads week begins! - Happy halloween! (No regular class until 11/9)

 (You must attend 2 of the 4 events below and submit a write-up of each)

Thursday, October 25: Film screening at Music Building, Recital Hall

Thursday, November 1: "Frankenstein & Disability" Guest Lecture by Prof. Julia Miele Rodas

Friday, November 2: Marathon reading & trip to Princeton University

Friday, November 16: Exhibition Tour at The Morgan Library

Lehman Frankenreads Events.jpg

November 9: Anthology Class / Integrating secondary sources

Frankenstein final discussion

MLA Research: Using the Artemis or MLA database, search up an article that offers a feminist, Marxist, psychoanalytical, or postcolonial, of any of our readings (Hemingway, Rossetti, Shelley, etc.) Read the article and highlight select passages. Print out the abstract and bring it to class.

Homework (here)

November 16: Morgan Library trip - 4pm

Class meets at 4 pm at The Morgan Library, 225 Madison Avenue between 36th and 37th Streets.

November 23: No class - happy Thanksgiving!

Write-up (proofread!) of the Morgan Library literary artifact you've chosen due by email. 3-5 paragraphs.

November 30: Writing comparative essays & Citations

Comparative Essays, Plagiarism & Citation.

Group Writing Competition

Bring a Citation style guide (The Little Seagull, MLA Handbook, etc.) with you to class.

Come to Carman 392 prepared with a Table of Contents for your Anthology Project (typed up and formatted).

For your essay, come prepared with your 3 passages for analysis followed by close reading bullet points, as well as a thesis statement. 

Write a short note to me indicating what  aspects of writing or reading you will focus on improving for your Final Essay. Base this on comments from your first paper.

Conference schedule signup.

Citations Presentation

December 7: Anthology project presentations

Work extensively on your Anthology Project. Be prepared to present. Email your file to me as a PDF or PPT file by 1 pm. 

December 14: FINALS week- No class 

Check your email and fill out the Course Evaluation before it expires! A link should have been sent to you from the Vice Provost. 
Final essays and Anthology Projects are due emailed as a PDF or Word attachment by December 17. Late assignments will not be accepted.
I am happy to provide feedback and comments on drafts and final work handed in before Thursday night.